The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has announced the nominees for its 6th Steelie Awards. The winners will be revealed at the annual dinner of the 49th worldsteel conference in Chicago on 12 October. The trophies, known as Steelies, are awarded in seven categories.

The categories and nominations are:

1. Steel industry website of the year

Severstal (
Tata Steel Europe (
ThyssenKruppSteel Europe (
voestalpine (

2. Innovation of the year

ArcelorMittal for hot-stamped laser-welded blank door ring
Erdemir for a new approach to the risk of premature wear of copper staves in blast furnaces
POSCO for lean duplex stainless steel with super ductility using a strip-casting process
voestalpine for optimisation of the burden charging & distribution equipment in blast furnaces

3. Excellence in sustainability

ArcelorMittal for their 10 sustainable development outcomes
China Steel Corporation for the development of an industrial park using by-product fuel gases
Tata Steel Europe for the certification of 19 construction products for responsible sourcing

4. Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment

ArcelorMittal for the use of sustainable charcoal to replace coke in blast furnaces in Brazil
JSW Steel for using slag to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cement manufacture
Tata Steel Europe for the use of LCA to demonstrate the impact of the reuse of steel in a world class circular economy building in Holland
ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe for their InCar®plus ‘Solutions for automotive efficiency’ project

5. Excellence in education and training

ArcelorMittal for its corporate Learning Week programme
Baosteel for training workers using advanced computer-based process simulations
Nucor for partnering in development of an online game to enhance business acumen in the steel industry
Tata Steel Europe for developing a blended learning course for young people transitioning to management
Tenaris for delivering the massive open online course ‘Introduction to Steel’

6. Journalist of the year

Maytaal Angel (Thomson Reuters)
Vera Blei (SteelFirst)
Sonja Elmquist (Bloomberg)
Joseph Innace (Platts)
Wenyan Lu (China Metallurgical News)

7. Industry communicator of the year

Wolfgang Eder (voestalpine)
John Ferriola (Nucor)
Sajjan Jindal (JSW)
Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff (German Steel Federation)
Liu Zhenjiang (China Iron and Steel Association)

The selection process for nominations varies between awards. In most cases nominations are requested via the appropriate membership committee and the worldsteel extranet. Entries are then judged by selected expert panels using agreed performance criteria. Journalist of the year and Industry communicator of the year are selected by direct vote.

More information on the Steelie Awards is available from