World crude steel production for the month of May was 148.8Mt, a decrease of 8.7%, according to figures released by the World Steel Association (world steel).

The figures, based on the crude steel production of the 64 countries reporting to world steel, are largely based on estimates due to the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

China is still 'up there' with a figure of 92.3Mt produced in May, up 4.2% when compared to May 2010. Japan, meanwhile, is down 31.8% having only produced 5.9Mt. The Indians are also down, by 39.1% at 5.8Mt while in South Korea production of 5.4Mt is down 14.1%.

In the European Union, crude steel production is down 26.8% at 10.5Mt while in the USA there was a 36.6% drop to just 4.8Mt.

In the CIS, steelmakers produced 8.2Mt, down 7.6% on last year's figure for May, and the Ukraine is down 10.4% having produced just 1.6Mt.

Moving over to Latin America and the Brazilians who have produced 2.2Mt, down 22.6% on the previous May.

Last but not least, the Turks have produced 2.3Mt of crude steel down 25.8% on May 2019.