Despite the uncertainties surrounding Russia and the Ukraine, Austrian steelmaker Voestalpine has announced that it will be supplying a further 120kt of steel for the South Stream project, which connects Europe with the world's largest gas reserves in Russia.

The Austrian steelmaker has already supplied steel to the Russian-European pipeline project as well as the Rota 3 pipeline project in Brazil and will now supply sour-gas-resistant, high strength line pipe plates for South Stream, which is not affected by Western sanctions against the Russians.

Voestalpine's Russian partner OMK will source half if its requirements for high quality plate from Linz, which Voestalpine claims 'highlights the professional nature of the partnership between Voestalpine Grobblech and Russian tube manufacturer OMK which stretches back over many years.'

Product delivery will take place between December 2014 through to spring 2015.