Following the submission of the US Commerce Department’s report of its 9-month investigation on whether steel imports into the US are a threat to national security, US Steel has urged President Trump to take swift and decisive action. “Our nation cannot afford to allow the continued rise of foreign imports that undermine America’s capacity to produce the steel necessary for our country’s national and economic security.”

But while US Steel calls for swift and decisive action, two leading steel industry associations in the USA are at loggerheads over whether imports should be restricted on the grounds of national security.

The American Institute for International Steel (AIIS), representing US steel importers and exporters, and the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), representing domestic steelmakers, have opposing views on the subject.

The US Commerce Department submitted its report on the nine-month investigation to President Donald Trump late last week – he now has 90 days to make a decision on whether to act on the investigation’s findings.

The AIIS said that Trump "would do well to remember the value that quality affordable steel produced overseas provides to this country and the costs that would be incurred by restricting their import."

Tom Gibson, president of the AISI, disagrees. “The steel industry welcomes the news that the Secretary of Commerce has formally submitted his report to the president in the Section 232 investigation into the impact of steel imports on the national security. We are confident that we have made the case that the repeated surges in steel imports in recent years threaten to impair our national security and we look forward to the president’s decision on the appropriate actions to address this critical situation.”