A US coalition of domestic OCTG producers (oil country tubular goods) has filed a trade action against imports of OCTG from nine countries, alleging dumping and in some cases, subsidies.

According to the United States Steel Corporation (USS), the petition relates to both seamless and welded casing and tubing, and has been filed in response to the surge of OCTG imports over the last few years. The US Steel has stated that imports from the countries named in the petition rose from 123036 US short tons (ston) in 1999 to 603053 stons last year, an increase of more than 390%

The American Institute for International Steel (AIIS) has stepped in to condemn this petition, saying that it is ‘excessive and unwarranted and will disrupt the critical oil and gas drilling market’.

By drilling using both conventional methods and the newer fracking method, the USA is moving towards energy-independence. Therefore, those companies involved in oil and gas drilling need high quality, dependable suppliers of OCTG. The AIIS stipulate that imports have been, and remain, an important part of this supply.