ArcelorMittal has revealed its new, ultra lightweight car door solutions. Using steels and technology currently available, ArcelorMittal’s automotive team has demonstrated that a 27% weight and cost saving can be achieved short-term without compromising safety and structural requirements.

By looking ahead to new high strength steels and technology that will come to market over the next few years, the company believes that even greater weight savings of up to 34% can be made, compared to existing steel car door solutions.

Carmakers need to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to meet future regulations; currently-enacted regulations in Europe (tailpipe emissions) come into full force in 2015 and those for the USA (tailpipe emissions and fuel economy) come into full force in 2021. By reducing the weight of the vehicle by around 12kg (26 lbs), one gram of CO2 eq emissions per kilometre (1.6g/mile) is saved.

Part of the weight savings in both the short and medium term solutions are achieved by using thinner steel for the outer door panel. Known as down-gauging, this technique is only possible with steels that exhibit increased yield strength while ensuring the doors will pass industry standards for dent resistance. New high strength steels and technology will come to market in the next few years, making a weight saving of 34% available by 2017.