The UK's Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) body has announced it will review anti-dumping measures on heavy steel plate from China to make sure they are still suitable.

The TRA will look at the trade remedies measure transitioned from the EU to counter Chinese heavy steel plate imports and decide if duties are still needed to limit imports into the UK. Prior to Brexit, trade remedy investigations were carried out by the EU Commission on the UK's behalf.

The current measure covers steel products used to manufacture construction, mining and logging equipment, oil and gas pipelines, in shipbuilding and in the construction industry. The TRA will look at events in 2021, with businesses that may be affected able to contribute to the review.

According to World Steel Association data, China produced 944.8 Mt of crude steel over January-November 2021, while the UK produced 6.05 Mt, making the impact of the review carry important weight in determining the future of the two nations’ industries.

The UK is also currently engaged in bilateral discussions with the US to address global steel and aluminium excess capacity and a tariff dispute between the two nations after Section 232 tariffs were imposed on most countries in 2018 under former US president Donald Trump.