The Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG), which represents the UK's energy intensive industries (Ells), has today set-out the measures required to help ensure that those they represent continue operating this winter.

EIUG chair, Dr Richard Leese, commented: "We have already seen the impact of the truly astronomical increases in energy costs on production in the fertiliser and steel sectors. Nobody wants to see a repeat in other industries this winter given that UK EIIs produce so many essential domestic and industrial products and are intrinsically linked with many supply chains. Now is the moment for Government and Ofgem to take preventative action."

EIUG members produce materials which are essential inputs to UK manufacturing supply chains, including materials that support climate solutions in the energy, transport, construction, agriculture and household sectors. They add an annual contribution of £38bn to UK GDP, supporting 200,000 jobs directly and 800,000 jobs indirectly around the country.