Taiwanese steelmaker Tung Ho Steel has contracted the Italian steel production technology specialist Danieli to supply a new water treatment plant for its rolling mill project in Vietnam.

Danieli has already supplied Tung Ho with a 600kt/yr high-speed rolling mill for long products to be installed in the plant located within the Phu My industrial zone in Vietnam.

The water treatment plant, says Danieli, is designed to include closed circuits for the rolling mill equipment, the induction furnace and auxiliary users, and open circuits for the rolling mill, the reheating furnace, fast finishing block and water boxes users.

According to Danieli, a filtration section will perform ‘efficient removal of suspended solids and oil, while package cooling towers will ensure cooling’. A dewatering section will reduce the volume of sludge for disposal, and recover water from the process.

The project’s short schedule – planned start-up is by end-2017 – means that Danieli will supply all the equipment as pre-fabricated as possible, including piping material composed of piping spools (sand-blasted, primer coated and painted).

Detailed civil engineering is included in the terms of supply.