Most people normally associate the name ArcelorMittal with steel, and so they should, but in New Zealand, the world’s largest steelmaker is making a name for itself in the world of football, according to a report by the Newcastle Advertiser’s Quinton Boucher.

In the ArcelorMittal Soccer League, Steel Mill secured a one-nil win over Billet Mill at the Fernwood Grounds, while Bar Mill secured a narrow 2-1 victory over Sinter Plant, also at the Fernwood Grounds.

But over at the Ferrum Sports Ground it was bad news for the steelmaker’s Coke Ovens team, which lost 2-1 to the Admin Building, and even worse news for Materials Handling who lost 2-0 to Central Maintenance.

However, if you want to talk real winners, take a trip to the Paradise Sports Ground (the clue is in the name) where ArcelorMittal’s Rod Mill team trounced Infrastructure. The Paradise ground was also the scene of Blast Furnace’s 2-1 defeat of Medium Mill.

In terms of the league table, Rod Mill heads the pack with nine wins, one draw and no losses. Blast Furnace is second with eight wins, two draws and no losses. In third place is Admin Building with six wins, one draw and three losses.

Source: Newcastle Advertiser (New Zealand)