The Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) will release another volume of ‘The Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel® 11th Edition’. This volume on flat products is due to publish in December.

This edition outlines the progress made during the past 25 years in the scientific and technical know-how required for production of high-quality flat products. The Flat Products Volume is a compilation of international knowledge in four major areas:

− Properties, metallurgical design and applications of flat products;

− Rolling theory and metallurgical aspects of the flat rolling process;

− Designs and performance characteristics of various plants producing flat products and descriptions of the plants' principal components.

− Automation and process control equipment providing desired characteristics of geometrical, mechanical and metallurgical parameters of produced flat products.

The Flat Products Volume is edited by Dr Vladimir B Ginzburg, editor of the who began his career in the steel industry in 1975 as a staff engineer of the Research and Development Department at Wean United Inc., and became involved in the start-up of both hot and cold rolling mills.

The first edition of the Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel (MSTS) series was distributed in 1919 and was studied by salesmen and other non-technical employees of the Carnegie Steel Co.

Current volumes are:

− Ironmaking Volume (published in 1999).

− Steelmaking and Refining Volume (published in 1998).

− Casting Volume (published in 2003).

− Flat Products Volume (published in 2013).

− Long Products Volume (to be published 2014).

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