Tenova, a Techint Group company, was recently awarded three iRecovery® (intelligent waste heat recovery systems) by Tangshan Zhengfeng Iron & Steel Co based in China's Hebei Province.

Having commissioned Consteel Evolution technology, Tangshan has decided to further invest in Tenova technology. The company's iRecovery system will be applied downstream of its new Consteel Evolution equipment to recover waste heat and use it for the production of steam, which will then be available for the company's existing power plant.

According to Tenova, the latest Chinese government policies demand higher quality processes and technologies to increase productivity and improve environmental sustainability. Chinese steelmakers have been paying more and more attention to these topics in order to consolidate their position as technological leaders.

“The EAF Consteel iRecovery® configuration represents the worldwide state-of-the-art technology for what concerns electrical steelmaking sector and it will set an ambitious technological reference for Tenova in China and around the world”, said Cristian Cattalini, product line director, Tenova Metals – environmental technologies.

Tenova claims that it has gained a strong position in China over the past three years.

Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova Metals' CEO, said the company was proud to be supplying Tangshan. He said that the Chinese steelmaker discussed future co-operation with regard to sustainability issues.