In response to demand for stronger and lighter steels in the global automotive industry, Tata Steel has developed DP1000HY-GI, a high-yield, ultra-high strength product combining strength and formability that allows manufacturers to make lighter components without altering their production facilities.

According to Tata Steel, it is one of a small number of steelmakers capable of offering this type of steel which, it is claimed, can reduce a component's weight by up to 15%.

The steel giant has worked in close collaboration with automotive manufacturers to develop the new product, which can endure high stress during deformation and absorb more crash energy. It is suitable for making components such as A and B pillar reinforcements, sills, door beams and cross members.

Another advantage of the new product is that it allows designers to reduce material consumption, meaning an eight to 15% decrease in component weight depending on the steel grade it is replacing.

"It's superior formability makes it suitable for creating relatively complex shapes, while its optimal energy absorption capability is ideal for making crash-relevant components," claims Tata Steel.

The new product allows automotive manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the steel they use and enables them to achieve 'impressive crash-protection, claims the company.