Tata Steel’s production facility in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is producing an enhanced version of the company’s existing 4145H modified alloy steel grade designed for the downhole tool and completion equipment sector and used predominantly by the oil and gas industry.

The enhanced version of the product combines high strength with high toughness, according to Tata Steel’s Houston-based oil and gas sales manager, Mike Jeglic, who says that sizes of up to 12in diameter are now available as a result of customer feedback.

According to Jeglic, the new variant of the company’s alloy steel grade offers customers the chance to rationalise their stock profiles and use the new product in more challenging operating conditions.

Other developments from Tata’s UK-based oil and gas team include the introduction of imperial size rollings and the launch of oil and gas grades in sizes less than three inches along with improved central soundness guarantees across the company’s product portfolio.

Tata is currently showing off its new products at the Offshore Technology Conference being held in Houston, Texas (5-8 May).