Tata Steel Group steel deliveries in H1 FY’12 (April-September 2011) rose by 1.8% to 12.17Mt compared to 11.96Mt in H1 FY’11.

In the past quarter, deliveries increased by 0.8% to 6.11Mt from the 6.06Mt recorded in Q2 FY’11. Deliveries from Tata Steel India and NatSteel Holdings grew, whereas Tata Steel Thailand’s operations were affected by adverse weather conditions.

Turnover at Tata Steel in India was INR160720M (US$3.28bn) in H1 FY’12 up 17.7% from INR136580M ($2.79bn) in H1 FY’11. Q2 sales of INR82120M ($1.68bn) were up 15.5% from the INR71070M ($1.45bn) of Q2 FY’11 and up 4.5% from the INR78600 ($1.61bn) of Q1 FY’12.

The Company posted an EBITDA in India of INR64490M ($1.32bn) in H1 FY’12, up 1.9% from INR63270M ($1.29bn) in H1 FY’11. Q2 EBITDA of INR27930M ($570M) was down 16.9% from the INR33620M ($686M) of Q2 FY’11 and down 23.6% from the INR36560M ($747M) of Q1 FY’12.

Turnover at Tata Steel’s European operations of INR416950M ($8.51bn) in H1FY12 was 19.7% up from the INR348340M ($7.11bn) in H1FY11. Q2 sales of INR211600M ($4.32bn) were 19.0% up from the INR177870M ($3.63bn) of Q2 FY’11 and 3.0% up from the INR205350M ($4.19bn) of Q1 FY’12.

Tata Steel in Europe posted EBITDA of INR24120M ($493M) in H1FY12, 8.0% up from INR22340M ($456M) in H1FY11. Q2 EBITDA of INR5050M ($103M) was 42.8% down from the INR8830M ($180M) of Q2 FY’11 and 73.5% down from the INR19070M ($389M) of Q1 FY’12, which included the Teesside Cast Products settlement credit of INR6850M ($140M).

Tata Steel Group’s Profit after tax (after minority interest and share of profit of associates) during the first half of the financial year 2011-12 (H1 FY’12) was INR55590M ($1135M) compared to a profit of INR38040M ($777M) in the first half of the financial year 2010-11 (H1 FY’11), an increase of INR17550M ($358M). Tata Steel Group’s Profit after tax for Q2 FY’12 at INR2120M ($43M) fell from the profit of INR19790M ($404M) in the corresponding period of the previous year (Q2 FY’11).

Group EBITDA in H1 FY’12 was INR113020M ($2.31bn) compared to INR90240M ($1.84bn) in H1 FY’11. Group EBITDA in Q2 FY’12 at INR29440M ($601M) was 34.5% lower than the INR44970M ($918M) recorded in Q2 FY’11. The Group EBITDA in Q2 FY’12 declined on account of higher global raw materials costs and lower average selling prices at Tata Steel Europe.

Group consolidated turnover in H1 FY’12 of INR657980M ($13.44bn) was 17.8% up from the INR558400M ($11.40bn) in H1 FY’11. The consolidated turnover at INR327980M ($6.7bn) in Q2 FY’12 was 14.5% up from the INR286460M ($5.85bn) in Q2 FY’11.

Net debt at the end of September 2011 was INR450560M ($9.2bn) compared to INR466270M ($9.5bn) at the end of March 2011.