Tangshan Iron and Steel Group in China has ordered two continuous furnace plants for two new hot-dip galvanising plants from the international technology company Andritz.

According to Andritz, the two lines will have a combined annual total capacity of 670kt and are designed to produce high-strength steel for the automotive industry. Start-up is scheduled for Q1 2017.

The furnaces, claims Andritz, form the heart of the Tangshan plant and are fitted with low NOx burners. A differential rapid jet cooling system (DRJC) is used to guarantee maximum cooling rates. DRJC, patented by Andritz, ‘sets new international standards compared to existing plants through highest cooling rates with constant and controlled cooling across the entire strip width’.

Andritz explains that ‘the new technology adjusts to the respective strip width, thus helping to save energy’.

“The scope of supply also includes automation equipment and key process components, such as zinc stripping air-knife system and shears,” says Andritz, adding that both lines are designed to handle strip with thicknesses ranging from 0.18-3mm and widths from 850-1,600mm.

Tangshan has already purchased furnaces, processing equipment for another hot-dip galvanising system and a continuous annealing line from Andritz.