Stoilensky Mining and Beneficiation Plant, an NLMK Group company, has introduced a new hauling scheme at its open-pit mine. This large-scale project has enabled shortening the raw material hauling distance to the beneficiation facilities by 5 km (from 13 km to 8 km). In addition, it has opened up the promising northwestern mining direction.

NLMK Group is Russia's largest steelmaker and claims to be one of the most efficient in the world.

Since the launch of the construction works in 2017, 60 infrastructural facilities were built: three railway stations, eight railway junctions, overpasses, power generation facilities, a road, rail tracks, railroad switches, overhead lines, central interlock and communication systems.

By improving the throughput capacity of major railway nodes in the mine, the new logistics scheme will increase ore supplies to the primary crushing facility by 2% to approximately 140kt per day.

Sergey Napolskikh, head of the Mining Division and general director of Stoilensky, said: “The launch of the new logistics scheme is a key milestone in Stoilensky’s development. This comprehensive project has enabled us to cut the costs of transporting raw materials from the open-pit mine, and to set up the infrastructure required for growing ore output in the future and to boost the overall productivity of the company, NLMK’s key raw material supplier.”