A limited edition book containing 80 full page black & white images taken within UK’s Sheffield Forgemasters was released this month.

Photographed by Andrew Smith, pictures cover all aspects of Forgemasters operations from steelmaking in the electric arc furnace, teeming to forging ingots, forging, machining, the pattern shop for steel castings and casting massive and complex components such as nodes for offshore structures.

Some pictures are humorous, such as a gas cylinder onto which a ‘smiley’ face has been drawn. Others show the immense scale of some of the largest forgings and castings made anywhere in the world.

Interestingly, the workforce seldom appear in the pictures and where they do are generally incidental to the composition.

An introduction to the project can be seen at http://www.bymyi.com/SSP2.html and a sample of 10 pictures viewed by clicking on ’10 Images’ at the bottom of the page and click on each image to show the next.

‘Steel Soul’ by Andrew G Smith ISBN: 978-0-9575960-0-9 is available from bookshops price £22 (UK), £27 (Europe) £33 (RoW) or order via PayPal http://www.bymyi.com/SSPB.html