Steel in the Circular Economy – A Life Cycle Perspective is the title of a new publication published by the World Steel Association.

The publication demonstrates how steel enables a sustainable society, through a circular economy, when the full life cycle of steel products is taken into account.

According to worldsteel, the new publication ‘highlights the need for legislators and industry decision makers to take a full life cycle approach before making legislative or manufacturing material decisions.’

Edwin Basson, worldsteel’s director-general, said that the ‘take, make, consume and dispose’ mentality was outdated and that a move toward a circular economy model for ‘optimal resource efficiency’ was more in keeping with a world of finite resources.

“To achieve this, we need a life cycle approach that measures the social, economic and environmental impact of a product at each stage in its lifecycle,” he said, adding that life cycle thinking must become a key requirement for all manufacturing decisions going forward.