South Korean steelmaker Daehan Steel Company is planning to modernise the bar mill at the company’s Sinpyeong plant in the area of Busan, a large port city.

The company has approached German plant builder SMS group with whom it already has a history of long-standing co-operation, according to SMS.

The Sinpyeong plant is designed to produce 130 tons/hr of rebar in diameters ranging from 16 to 32mm up to grade SD500.

According to SMS group, which has taken on the contract, the modernisation project comprises the replacement of the existing quenching line with a new one designed with the very latest technology, including systems for precise pressure control and the exact setting of water flow rates.

“Two dividing shears with associated pinch rolls and a bar braking system will be supplied, as well as a HSD (High Speed Delivery) line that will be integrated in to the existing cooling bed,” SMS group explained, adding that the new HSD system will enable Daehan Steel Company to feed bars on the cooling bed via rotating channels, which are precisely synchronised with the soft bar braking unit, the cooling bed cycle movement and the bar position monitoring system.

The bars, claims SMS group, can be cut to all product sizes at any speed and the shears cut bars in diameters up to 32mm.

An automation package supplied by SMS group will fully integrate the newly supplied equipment.

SMS group claims that the purpose of the modernisation is to reduce the ferro-alloys content of the billets produced by the plant, leading to ‘a substantial cost reduction’. It will also increase the size of the steelmaker’s product range, enabling Daehan to add 13mm rebar to the size range and produce new steel grades up to SD600.