SMS Mevac of Germany has been very active in Taiwan and China and has recently announced two contracts, one with China Steel Corporation (CSC) and another with Taigang Group International Trade Company and Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co.

In Taiwan SMS Mevac has commissioned a 270-tonne twin ladle furnace in Kaoshing for the China Steel Corporation. The furnace has an annual capacity of 1.94Mt and was installed in the company's No.2 BOF steelmaking plant. The combined capacity of Kaoshing's BOF steelmaking plants 1 and 2 is approximately 10Mt per year, says SMS.

According to SMS Mevac, CSC operates six RH (Ruhrstahl Heraeus process) plants and two ladle furnaces for liquid steel treatment.

Meanwhle, in Taiyuan, China, SMS Mevac, in conjunction with SMS Siemag Technology (Beijing), has commissioned an 80-t RH Top plant for the refining of a range of high quality steel grades with low levels of hydrogen. The Taiyuan plant is being used for the treatment of steel for electric sheet production.