A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by German plant builder SMS group and Tata Steel in India. The plan is for the former to reduce carbon emissions at the latter's steel mills throughout India.

SMS claims that its 'leading technological expertise in designing, supplying and commissioning plants with significantly lower CO2 emissions' will be put to good use at Tata's Indian steel mills.

Burkhard Dahmen, CEO and chairman of SMS group said that his company and Tata Steel have a common goal: that of reducing carbon emissions from iron and steel production. He claimed that such a goal was crucial considering that the steel industry in India is key to economic prosperity – and that it is one of the largest emitters of CO2.

"Our companies have a common goal to reduce carbon emissions from iron and steel production."

Burkhard Dahmen, CEO and chairman of SMS group.

SMS group views the MOU as 'another milestone' in the company's mission to turn metals green. The company claims that it can draw on its 'unique positioning as an expert in all major metals and as a supplier of the complete process chain, not forgetting all upstream and downstream processes plus recycling and as a provider of automation, digitalization and consulting services.