ArcelorMittal Engineering Products Ostrava (AMEPO), a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal Ostrava and part of BDE Workshops, will continue to supply Skoda Transportation with tram axles over the next three years.

Over the past four years, AMEPO has supplied over 1,000 axles for the Skoda 26T and 28T trams, which are designed for foreign markets. The two companies have enjoyed a good business relationship since 2013 when Skoda Transportation's first tram order went to the Turkish city of Konya followed by a successful project for the City of Eskisehir, also in Turkey.

In total AMEPO has supplied over 4,000 axles for over 160 tram chassis produced by Skoda Transportation, transporting passengers in Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey.

Because trams are constantly in use, quality and durability are crucial, but for Skoda AMEPO, being based in Ostrava, is regarded as a local supplier.

Daniel Dolezal, sales and marketing manager of AMEPO commented, "Skoda Transportation wins many tenders for trams around the world.Our relationship with them brings us interesting contracts as well.

"After a weak year we see market recovery in the field of mechanical engineering and related areas. Cities' aging infrastructure means the need to replace old trams is growing. This year we have officially signed a three-year extension to the existing contract with Skoda Transportation. This gives us the opportunity to supply our axles to several projects running across Europe," Dolezal added.