It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel by Christopher Priest – I’m thinking of Inverted World – but, as we edge into 2014, science fiction becomes science fact.

Soon, a giant, self-propelled floating holiday resort measuring 74m long, 47m wide and almost 37m high, will be travelling along the coast of the Lebanon boasting a five-star hotel with 62 rooms and suites and with 70 rooms offering views of the seabed. There will be a 300-seater roof top restaurant and plenty of other leisure facilities to keep the resort’s 1,200 guests happy.

The link with the global steel industry is the fact that steel giant ArcelorMittal will be supplying 1,200 tonnes of steel – one tonne for every guest on board – in the form of steel plate produced at its Gijon facility in Spain.

The steel in question has already been delivered to Beirut International Marine Industry & Commerce and will be used to build the resort’s underwater structure (the bit that will keep it afloat).

The S355G8 grade steel will be transformed into tubes and cones to support the resort.

An additional 130 tonnes of steel have been ordered and will be delivered early this year.