Hadeed Saudi Iron & Steel Company has signed a final acceptance certificate for the delivery, by Tenova, of a DRI-based furnace optimisation system for the Hadeed plant's Electric Arc Furnace 5.

Tenova's i DRI technology project at Hadeed has already demonstrated its performance credentials by achieving a 1.42% yield increase, a 4.1% productivity increase, a 3.23% reduction on electrical consumption and a 1.6 min reduction on Power on Time (PON).

"As applied to the DRI process, the models are responsible to calculate the most important parameters used by the i EAF®control modules”, says Tenova, an international engineering company based in Italy.

Working alongside the plant PLC, system performance was achieved through validation of several fundamental outputs, including off-gas measurements using EFSOP technology; a downstream analyser; temperature and off-gas flow sensors; furnace and auxiliary service automation; process modelling for real-time mass and energy balance; chemical energy control and optimisation of oxygen lances; and DRI feed rate control.