The UMS-i roll (located in the in high tension area of the S-Block ), in combination with UMS roll (installed in the low tension area after S-block exit), is at the heart of the innovative and worldwide unique proactive unflatness measurement system.

Being able to perform measurement in both high and low tension areas simultaneously and combine the flatness data in UNGERER/REDEX Group's high-speed controller enables closed loop control of strip flatness at a formerly unreachable level of accuracy.

The measurement accuracy of the strip shape is about 98% when the strip is entering the UMS roll high tension zone, before reaching 99.5% measurement accuracy when the strip exits from the UMS low tension roll .

Thus, the strip saving can easily be estimated to, at least, 75m for each processed coil, a level which would be impossible to reach with any other flatness regulation system without the combination of high and low tension zone measurements.

The first flatness feedback is directly provided at the leveller unit exit (high tension zone). It follows that the UMS PRO® avoids almost any deadband and material loss. With estimated savings if at least 75m of unlevelled strip per coil, the Return On Investment is less than two years for stainless steel processing lines, and even lower (one year or less) for higher value metals such as copper, aluminum or bronze.

The UMS PRO® system considers the side effects of each bending unit over the whole strip-width to correct any flatness deviation instantaneously.

High tension full coverage enables more accurate shape adjustment in the most important strip edge areas.

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