Largo Resources, a Canadian strategic mineral company with projects in Brazil and Canada that is currently focused on ramping up production of vanadium at its Maracás Menchen mine, has achieved a new daily production record.

According to Largo Resources, it achieved a new production record of 26 tonnes in a single day, which represents 100% of the plant’s design capacity. The record production took place on Monday 13 July in what appears to be a record-breaking month with the mine achieving 90% and then 95% of design capacity within the space of days.

The Maracás Menchen mine produced at or above 24 tonnes for a total of four days and at over 20 tonnes for 10 days, according to Largo Resources.

“Largo is encouraged by the progress they are making and looks forward to providing a thorough operational update in the near term,” according to a company spokesperson.