Real Steel Corporation has awarded Italian plant builder Danieli the contract to supply a new high-speed rolling mill to produce deformed bars in the range of 10mm to 32 mm-diameter, starting from 150-mm square billets weighing up to 2,000 kg.

The plant – claimed to be the fastest bar mill in Asia – will be installed in Pampanga, San Simon province, in the Philippines and will boast a finishing speed up to 48m/second onto the cooling bed for 10-mm-diameter bars.

This new mill is comprised of 14-housingless stands followed by a 6-pass. multi-drive, high-speed, twist-free finishing block.

An in-line quenching and self-tempering process will improve the mechanical properties of deformed bars, in particular the yield strength, with the aim of reducing costs for micro-alloyed elements.

A single high-speed twin-channel system will discharge the bars on to a 102-metre-long cooling bed. The finishing area design is customised to fulfill the Philippine market, which, claims Danieli, is demanding in terms of the various lengths and number of bars per bundles requirements.

The whole process will be fully controlled by Danieli Automation's process control system.