Processes in the steel industry have become so complex that it is now incredibly difficult to observe every measured value within individual process steps or along the complete production chain from continuous casting through to the finished coil.

The new PPS (Proactive Production Supervision) system aims to solve this problem by monitoring production along the complete process route based on rules defined for the various products. It triggers an alarm as soon as one or several rules are not complied with, for example, when during galvanizing or annealing the temperature curve is not as specified or when unexpected incidents have a negative impact on the production.

The quality assurance personnel no longer check individual measured values but see a clearly structured graphical display showing all coils in the various sectors in the colours green, yellow or red according to their quality condition. They will only intervene when a rule is violated, for example, by discussing the issue with their colleagues from production who will then eliminate the cause of the problem.

Through this approach, PPS provides the basis for a new form of close collaboration between production and quality assurance.

In the event of deviations from the specified quality, the new PPS Proactive Production Supervision system from QuinLogic makes it possible to take quality decisions during running production, and intervene in the production process with appropriate corrective action.