PT Krakatau-Posco Company of Indonesia, in conjunction with SMS Siemag, has installed a converter vessel changing system involving a 300-tonne change vessel, changing car and environmental technology for the converter shop at a new integrated steel plant in Cilegon, West Java.

SMS Siemag developed the concept for the converter vessel changing technology and delivered the tilting gear unit for the converter, the changing car (which has a working load of 1,200 tonnes) and the X-Pact electrical and automation system.

According to SMS, the new plant at PTKP uses ‘the latest generation of SMS Siemag’s dry type converter-gas dedusting technology’, which is being used for the first time. It includes a gas conditioning tower and a dry-type electrostatic precipitator.

PTKP seems happy enough. The company’s Lee Jung Bee is reported as saying that the decision to go with SMS was ‘the right choice’ and that the system installed was ‘the most economical solution’.

PTKP is a joint venture between Pohang Iron & Steel Company (Posco) of South Korea and PT Krakatau of Indonesia.