Metals producer AFV Beltrame Stahl Gerlafingen has recently contracted Primetals Technologies, equipment and technology supplier, to upgrade its wire rod mill in Gerlafingen, north-western Switzerland.

The scope of supply includes an Intelligent Pinch Roll and High Speed Laying Head. The start-up of the new equipment is expected in summer 2023.

The wire rod mill produces 600kt of coils per year while the bar outlet has an annual capacity of 80kt of bars. Both machines are fed from the same roughing and intermediate mill train. According to Primetals, the upgrades will lower the vibration levels, which will result in reduced wear.

New AC motors, controlled by low voltage variable frequency drives with an active front end rectifier, will be supplied for the pinch roll and laying head. Technological control will be realized with a Simatic S7-1500 PLC controller.