The highly successful and much-praised Steel Times International Free Webinar Programme 2020 is back!

When the world went into lockdown earlier in the year and various live conference events around the globe were postponed or cancelled, Steel Times International developed it's Free Webinar Programme 2020, bringing top-flight speakers on a variety of steel-related subjects into the living rooms of those interested in learning more about the industry they serve.

All bases were covered from European climate policy through supply chain management, Industry 4.0, the Future of Work, climate-friendly steelmaking to the European steel industry and COVID-19.

Well, now we're back – with a vengeance – with a new tranche of free webinars to whet the appetite for steel and all its intricacies. We kick off on 25 September at 1400hrs UK time with a comprehensive examination of Industry 4.0, but this time from the perspective of those engaged in the development of systems and equipment.

Industry 4.0 and Steelmaking is sponsored by PSI Metals, Unilux and Fabris and will feature presentations from SMS Digital, PSI Metals, Tenova, Fives Group and Danieli, all key players in this important high-tech sector of the industry.

To register, visit the Steel Times International website and click on 'webinars' to be a part of this exciting event. You'll certainly come away from it feeling more informed on a topic that has excited the global steel industry for the past three years, ever since Quartz Business Media (publisher of Steel Times International) launched the much-needed Future Steel Forum back in 2017 and based on industry demand for a steel conference dedicated to the subject of digital manufacturing and the future factory.

So, if you want to learn more about digital manufacturing in the steel industry, then get it straight from the horse's mouth.

Go to for further details of who is speaking and what they intend to say.

If you're interested in the application of Industry 4.0 to the steelmaking process, then this event is for you.