In the presence of the Russian Prime Minister Mr Putin, a new melting complex located at Izhevsk steelworks in Udmurtia Republic, Russia was started up on September 7.

Tenova was contracted to supply the equipment for the full-scale upgrading of the melt shop N°23 of the Izhstal OAO plant, owned by the Mechel group, one of Russia’s top mining and metals companies.

Tenova supplied a new electric arc furnace (EAF), Ladle Furnace (LF) and a vacuum degassing station. The EAF has a capacity of 40t.

Tenova also provided the auxiliary plant such as fume dedusting system, water treatment plant and the ferroalloy addition plant.

The revamping enables Izhstal to boost production by a factor of 4.6 times and, with the metallurgical technology supplied by Tenova, to produce a broad range of special and stainless steels.

The annual output of the production line supplied by Tenova is expected to reach 300kt/y of alloy steel with a low carbon content, alloys and stainless steel.