Chung Joong Yang, chairman and CEO of POSCO, will be named ‘Steelmaker of the Year’ at AISTech 2013 — The Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition, managed by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST).

Mr Chung is recognized as a visionary for the global steel industry for his knowledge of steel operations, dedication to safety, awareness to secure raw materials, enthusiasm to incorporate new technologies, foresight to expand Posco’s foreign presence, and prudent strategy to promote mutual growth with steel-consuming industries. Chung Joon Yang was elected chairman and CEO of Posco in February 2009.

AISTech 2013 will take place 6–9 May in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA, with technical sessions and several keynote presentations by today’s business leaders. The Technology Conference will showcase more than 400 presentations on aspects of iron and steel manufacturing technology. Highlights include the latest environmental technologies throughout the iron- and steelmaking process; advancements in rolling and coating technologies; safe work practices and procedures for projects, production and maintenance; cutting-edge research and advancements in the processing, production and application of steel; the latest in automation and control systems; and discussions on efficient material movement both within the facility and to the customer.

The accompanying Exposition is the largest yet, with a total area of 237000ft2 and over 500 domestic and international companies exhibiting.