ISRA Vision Parsytec, a provider of surface inspection systems for the metal industry, has been awarded a contract for the installation of a surface inspection system for POSCO Assan TST Turkey, a subsidiary of Korean steelmaker POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel Company) and the fourth largest steelmaker in the world.

The system is installed on a pickling and annealing line for cold strips and is designed to look for critical defects on stainless steel for use in automobile manufacturing and kitchen appliances.

The equipment being used by POSCO Assan is known as the Surface Master system with DualSensor technology.

"The applied combination of one sensor with diffuse and one sensor with directed illumination allows for the safe detection of all relevant defect types," claims ISRA Vision. "Even at high production speeds and on structured surfaces, defects are identified with enormous accuracy and through reliable analysis of the surface quality the manufactured steel strip is ensured," the company added.

According to ISRA, a key feature for the manufacturer is the automatic evaluation system for manufactured steel quality (grading), which was customized to POSCO ASSAN TST's requirements.

POSCO has used ISRA VISION PARSYTEC technology before in other steelworks, it is claimed.