One might have thought that everything to be said about phase transformations in steels has already been said and yet Prof Elena Pereloma of the University of Wollongong and Prof David Edmonds of the University of Leeds have brought together past and current research in over 1200 pages in a two-volume treaties ‘Phase Transformations In Steels’.

Volume 1 addresses fundamentals and diffusion controlled transformations while volume 2 covers diffusionless transformations, high strength steels, modelling and advanced analytical techniques.

Volume 1 consists of 17 Chapters each written by a specialist in that subject. Each chapter commences with an abstract and a list of key words and concludes with references. Chapter 1 deals with historical aspects drawing on references as early as 1881 and up to 1998 for its sources. Subsequent chapters deal with the thermodynamics and kinetics of diffusion controlled transformations introducing the reader to the familiar phases of ferrite, austenite and pearlite and then to bainite. Moving beyond traditional physical metallurgy, the effect of a magnetic field on phase transformations is introduced in Chapter 16.

Volume 2 follows a similar format covering the martensitic diffusionless transformation in quenched steels, transformations in high strength steels including microalloyed steels, plasticity induced transformations (TRIP) steels, phase transformations in advanced bainitic steels, and twinning induced (TWIP) high Mn steels. Later chapters deal with the modelling of phase transformations, and advanced analytical techniques for studying transformations including atom probe tomography and electron backscatter diffraction and the use of synchrotron and neutron scattering radiation as well as the more familiar TEM techniques.

‘Phase Transformations in steels ‘Edited by E Pereloma & D Edmonds Vol1 Fundamentals & Diffusion-controlled transformations ISBN 978-1-84569-970-3 (hardback) ISBN 978-0-85709-610-4 (online)

Vol 2 Diffusionless transformations, high strength steels, modelling and advanced analytical techniques ISBN 978-1-84569-971-0 (hardback) ISBN 978-0-85709-611-1 (online)
Published by Woodhead Publishing, Sawston, Cambridge Price per volume £175-00 €210.00 US$300