In August 2013, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (SZFG), Germany, awarded the Paul Wurth Group with a turnkey order for the construction of a pulverised coal injection (PCI) plant for Blast Furnaces ‘A’ and ‘B’ at its Salzgitter integrated steel plant.

As SZFG has announced on 4 May, the plant started operation in spring 2015 and now helps to reduce the cost of ironmaking operations.

The plant features two coal grinding and drying plants of 50t/hr capacity each. The injection plants are designed to reach a capacity of 200kg of pulverised coal per ton of hot metal.

With the first coal having been injected into Blast Furnace ‘B’ on 23 March and the readiness for operation achieved on 2 April 2015, the respective contractual milestones have been accomplished, claims Paul Wurth Group.