Paul Wurth Italia SpA and the German company Schalker Eisenhutte Maschinenfabrik GmbH (a subsidiary of the Eickhoff Group) have signed an asset agreement transferring the latter's coke oven machine segment to the Paul Wurth Group. The deal means that the patents, references, drawings, licences, brand name and know-how of the Bochum-based company are all taken over by Paul Wurth.

Having signed the asset transfer agreement, Luxembourg-based Paul Wurth will be able to expand its coke making technology expertise by adding coke oven machinery to its product portfolio. The company claims that the deal will strengthen its position as 'a global player in the design and construction of complete coke oven plants, coke oven batteries, coal processing plants, coke oven gas treatment, by-products and auxiliary plants as well as coke dry quenching facilities'.

The technology in question includes charging cars, pusher machines, coke transfer cars, quenching cars, crane systems, maintenance and service cars, automation and emission control systems.