Severstal and Paul Wurth have signed a contract for the construction of a new coke making complex at the Russian steelmaker’s Cherepovets steel mill in north western Russia.

At the core of the plant are two brand-new, stamp charged coke batteries (2 x 56 coke ovens of 6.25 m height) that are designed for a total production of 1.4 Mt/yr of coke. It is claimed that the coke batteries incorporate state-of-the-art Paul Wurth coke making technology including the company’s smokeless charging system.

Vadim Germanov, director of Severstal’s “Rossiyskaya Stal” division, commented: "We apply strict criteria for protecting the environment, even as early as at the design stage; therefore the contract includes the relevant technological solutions."

The new complex should be commissioned by September 2021.