Specialist steel manufacturer Ori Martin, based in Brescia, Italy, has announced that it intends to revamp its Consteel system that was installed back in 1998.

Consteel is a continuous scrap charging system with pre-heat for an electric arc furnace (EAF). In essence, it is a conveyor along which EAF gases travel in the opposite direction to the flow of scrap.

The system in operation at Ori Martin’s Brescia plant has enjoyed 16 years of continuous operation and is claimed to be working to high performance levels even today, says supplier Tenova.

The revamp will involve the installation of a new Consteel Evolution system combined with a Tenova iRecovery system, which is claimed to offer Ori Martin ‘a reduction in the consumption to the lowest level while contributing district heating to the local community’.

The combined system, claims Tenova, will be able to recover the thermal energy present in the dirty fumes emanating from the EAF and turn them into steam.

According to Tenova, ‘the iRecovery system will deliver thermal energy to the Italian city of Brescia and produce electric energy for Ori Martin’s own use. In total the steel plant will see a reduction in CO2 emissions of roughly 10,000 tonnes/yr.

Ori Martin was one of the first steelmakers in Europe to use the Consteel system.