Our parent company, Danieli, is well known within the global steel rolling industry. However, here at Innoval Technology, it’s our aluminium rolling expertise that sets us apart.

What most people don’t realise, however, is that many of our services are just as applicable to other metals industries, such as steel, as they are to the aluminium industry.

Mill vibration model for steel rolling

There are various ways to solve mill vibration problems and increase the threshold rolling speed of cold mills. One of the tools we use to do this is the Innoval Mill Vibration Model. This vital tool assists in the solution of rolling mill vibration problems faced by the entire metal rolling industry. The model uses available mill data to predict all the key natural resonant modes of vibration of any rolling mill.

We also have tools to reverse-engineer the cause of chatter based on the chatter pitch and the mill stand speed, using the data from the rotating components in the stand and drive systems.

Optimising spray cooling systems

Within our arsenal of process simulation tools is the Innoval Spray Impact Model (ISIM), and it’s one of our most frequently used models. ISIM is a precision tool for modelling the effectiveness of rolling mill spray cooling systems. We use it to accurately evaluate our clients’ current equipment set-up, as well as using it to design new spray headers to meet the challenges of modern rolling mills.

ISIM simulates the spray cooling of rolls in a rolling mill, whether it’s an aluminium or steel mill. Whatever the metal, roll temperatures during rolling are vitally important for lubrication and dimensional control – both profile and flatness.

Figure 1: ISIM output showing circumferential spray impact on the roll surface.

The inputs to ISIM include the geometry of the sprays and their flow rate. The results reveal the effectiveness of cooling and ultimately the temperature of the rolls during the rolling process.

Insightful findings such as these mean that we are world leaders in roll cooling spray bar design. Because of this, spray system and mill manufacturers come to us for our modelling capabilities when designing new systems.

Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is becoming ever more important. This is because the environmental impact of products and services is increasingly in the public’s consciousness. Furthermore, this focus on sustainability is coming from investors as well as consumers. It is, therefore, vitally important to understand the environmental impact of your product or service. That’s where Life Cycle Assessment comes in, and it’s a service we offer at Innoval.

Figure 2: LCA helps you to understand the environmental impact of your product or service.

If you’re from the steel rolling industry, please get in touch as you might be surprised how we can help you.