NLMK Group has signed an agreement with Luxembourg-based Paul Wurth SA for the engineering and supply of equipment for a new gas cleaning unit at the company’s 3.2Mt/yr blast furnace 6 located at the steelmaker’s Lipetsk production site.

Construction of the new unit will begin in Q4 2015 and finish some time between Q1 and Q2 of 2016.

NLMK will also begin testing a top-pressure recovery turbine (TRT) designed to use excess blast furnace gas pressure. The turbine is currently under construction.

According to Konstantin Lagutin, vice president for investment projects at NLMK, said that the project was part of the company’s Strategy 2017 and was designed to enhance production efficiency and further develop the company’s inherent potential. “The new unit will provide a five-fold improvement in blast furnace gas cleaning efficiency and channel it to the green energy facility, the top-pressure recovery turbine designed for electric energy generation through utilisation of excess gas pressure that is currently under construction.”

The TRT currently under construction behind Blast Furnace 6 will be the second in the new TRT station complex. The already-installed TRT-1 utilises gasses from blast furnace 7 and is currently undergoing hot testing. The two turbines are designed to have a combined output of 28MW, increasing the company’s electric power self-sufficiency from 54% to 56% and reducing its dependence on external suppliers of electric power by 200 million kWh per year, which is around 6% of the current purchase volume.