NLMK Kaluga, an EAF plant based on the mini-mill concept of locating EAF steelmaking and rolling operations in close proximity to one another, has recently produced its millionth tonne.

Based in the Vorsino Industrial Park in the Kaluga region of Russia near Moscow – amidst the largest construction market in Russia – has produced its millionth tonne of steel, the company claims.

In 2013, the Central region of Russia accounted for approximately 30% of long steel consumption and only 9% of its production, claims NLMK.

The NLMK minimill at Kaluga is among the most productive, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly of its kind in Russia, according to the Russian steelmaker. "The site's technological process employs innovative solutions that ensure high resource efficiency," claims the company.

Alexander Burayev, NLMK's group director for long products and metalware, described the millionth tonne at Kaluga as an important milestone for the plant. "Thanks to its responsible and highly qualified personnel, the Company has been able to meet targets in a short period of time. This is a testimony to the efficient work of each and every employee, and the alignment of all business processes," he said.

Burayev said that the launch of NLMK Kaluga has allowed NLMK to reduce a shortage of long product production in the Central Federal District and secure a supply of high-quality in-demand steel products to Moscow, the Moscow region and other parts of Central Russia.