NLMK Group claims it has reduced the amount of injuries at its Russian sites from the beginning of 2014 by 40% and by 50% year-on-year at its Lipetsk plant.

According to the company, "systematic efforts have delivered a 41% year-on-year reduction of the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate per one million man-hours since the beginning of the year."

NLMK believes it was able to achieve these results by using a preventive approach to organising OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) management.

Victor Togobetskiy, NLMK director of occupational health and safety, said that the company has made radical changes to its OHS management system during the year and that important initiatives aimed at improving working conditions and minimising occupational risks, along with new rules and requirements allowed the company to 'significantly reduce' the amount of injuries suffered. "Our key goal is to achieve accident-free operations and to consistently reduce the level of occupational hazards," he said.

Togobetskiy discussed the results of implementing best global OHS practices at NLMK Group’s second Conference on Occupational Health and Safety held in Lipetsk earlier this month. Divisional heads and employees responsible for OHS participated in the two-day conference.

Since the beginning of 2014, NLMK has been running its “Searching for Safety” and “Risk Management” programs, which are aimed at identifying and mitigating risks that could lead to occupational incidents. The company is implementing a single methodology for identifying potential hazards; risk assessment; and advanced risk management practices and is encouraging staff to get actively involved in the process.