The Russian international steelmaker NLMK Group, with operations in Russia, the USA and the European Union, has been named as the winner of an annual competition for information transparency among publicly listed companies in Russia.

Established in 2003, the ‘Active Corporate Policy on Information Disclosure’ award is for companies that have excelled in prompt and full information disclosure to investors.

NLMK Group was recognised for its information transparency and the high quality of its information disclosure on its strategy execution, as well as the well-presented access to data published on its corporate website, its receptiveness to dialogue, and the detailed press releases it issues alongside statements of material facts, according to event organiser Interfax.

Needless to say, Oleg Bagrin, NLMK Group CEO, was pleased and grateful for the recognition, claiming that the company is committed to operating the best global practices in information disclosure. “Transparency creates an atmosphere of predictability, mutual understanding and trust. These intangible values have a direct impact upon operational efficiency, and, at the end of the day, on our shareholder value,” he said.

Interfax Group’s executive chairman, Vladimir Gerasimov, who was also chairman of the jury for the competition, praised NLMK’s reporting, its corporate website and its press releases, which, he said, demonstrated that the steelmaker was committed to the best international practices of disclosure and corporate reporting. “We see this as being testimony to the company’s conscious and proactive approach to information transparency,” he said.

The competition jury was made up of representatives of Interfax and AK&М information agencies, the Bank of Russia, the Moscow Exchange, the Independent Directors Association, and the Russian Financial Communications and Investor Relations Alliance (ARFI).