Russian steelmaker NLMK has announced the global launch of VIZ-Steel.

The product is described as a ‘premium transformer steel’ and is claimed to offer superior magnetic properties in addition to ensuring a 5 to 15% reduction of specific energy losses when compared to standard grades offered by other global manufacturers.

NLMK Group claims to produce 99% of transformer steel produced in Russian and 11% of world output.

According to NLMK, VIZ-Steel’s high quality characteristics are achieved by ‘optimising the steel’s domain configuration through the application of barriers at advanced laser complexes’.

NLMK claims that Russian consumers of transformers manufactured using one tonne of its new NV27S-100L steel grade will make annual savings of US$60 from the reduction of magnetic losses, annual savings of $70 for India and up to $500 for Germany.

Valery Shevelev, NLMK’s group director for electrical steel, said that the challenge of reducing energy generation and transmission costs is relevant for consumers the world over, adding that energy machine builders are putting forward stricter requirements for the magnetic properties of transformer steel.

“The new grade will increase the competitiveness of our partners’ products and energy efficiency across the entire sector,” Shevelev said.