A new X-ray thickness gauge specifically engineered for hot rolling mill applications has been developed by the US headquartered company NDC.

The TVXR-3 X-ray gauge accurately measures metal thickness by detecting the attenuation of a specifically shaped X-ray beam generated by a high voltage source as it passes through the metal strip. The sensor’s source and detectors are inherently stable and do not require either a sample magazine or target offsets. The TVXR-3 high-flux X-ray source provides stable, repeatable measurement performance.

An A/D converter digitises the measured signal in the C-frame for electromagnetic noise immunity from adjacent machinery during signal transfer. An efficient application-specific ion chamber, combined with a reliable amplifier and electronic design, ensures the lowest statistical noise at fast measurement time constants down to 2.0ms.

The inherent high stability of this gauge allows permanent factory calibration for consistent accuracy over the entire measurement range rather than repeated in-mill calibration about a target thickness. Steel grade compensation is achieved automatically using specific parameters for each grade. As an option for enhanced measurement accuracy, a Complete Physical Model (CPM) calculates a unique set of coefficients for each coil based on its specific chemical composition.

The gauge has been designed to withstand the hot rolling mill environment and deliver high-accuracy measurement performance through effective cooling and temperature control. To achieve this, an integrated Thermal Management System ensures measurement frame stability throughout extreme thermal transitions.

The unit incorporates:

  • An easy-to-use operator interface (HMI)
  • A powerful, real-time operating system for processing measurement data, continuously monitoring system status and controlling system functions
  • Network communications to the mill control platform and management reporting system

visit the NDC website: http://www.ndc.com

The gauge is mounted on a C frame that can traverse the strip