A breakthrough water detection technology for EAFs that combines continuous and reliable off-gas analysis for both water vapour and hydrogen together with proprietary software that provides furnace operators with three distinct real-time alerts indicating the likelihood of a water leak, has been developed by Tenova Goodfellow.

The EFSOP Water Detection Technology™ is capable of continuously analysing EAF off-gas for both H2 and H2O vapour. When liquid water enters the EAF, a portion will remain as water vapour and a portion will be reduced to H2. Since the relative proportions cannot be predicted in advance, effective water leak detection requires analysis of both H2O vapour and H2.

The water detection technology interprets the H2 and H2O vapour off-gas analysis with proprietary software that is capable of differentiating between normal operations and situations when there are abnormally high water levels in the EAF. The software is self-training and dynamically adjusts for changing scrap conditions (wet/dry/oily) to minimize the number of false alarms according to the steel plant’s required set points. The System provides EAF operators with three alert levels; Green for normal, Amber for caution and Red for immediate action.

The EFSOP Water Detection Technology represents a true industry breakthrough providing the most comprehensive, reliable and real-time water detection system possible for EAF steelmaking. The detector is available as a module that can be integrated into an existing EFSOP® analyser or as a stand-alone water detection system which can be upgraded in future to a full EFSOP Holistic Optimization System® for EAF process control and optimization.