In March 2015, following a decision by the Government of Italy, ILVA had to shut down its No. 5 blast furnace, the largest one at its Taranto works. The plant will be upgraded by EU-defined ‘best available technologies’ in order to meet the latest environmental standards.

Following a bidding process, the Paul Wurth group has been awarded several packages for engineering, supply and installation of technologies which will make up a state-of-the-art ironmaking facility.

On the side of hot blast generation, the four existing Krupp-Koppers units will be completely replaced by a group of three one-dome hot blast stoves with external combustion chamber. This sub-plant will also feature Paul Wurth’s patented waste gas heat recovery system and a complete EIC system.

Performance and maintainability of the BF top gas cleaning plant will be improved by replacement of the existing dust catcher, and by modification of the scrubber system.

At the slag granulation plant, a new, sea-water-based steam condensation system will eliminate the release of sulphur-laden steam to the atmosphere.

Finally, the furnace’s stockhouse gets a new de-dusting system with equipment rated for a 2,000,000 m3/h suction capacity and ensuring a maximum of 5 mg/Nm3 dust content in the air leaving the stack.

On completion – which will be in 12 months – Taranto’s steel plant will be able to operate its new BF5 in compliance with the latest environmental and safety standards.