‘Multinorm’ is a new collection of safety work-wear for maximum protection for workers such as welders, electricians, industrial workers and other groups exposed to fire and heat or electrical hazards and also liquid chemicals or tough outdoor environments.

The Multinorm collection gives customers all the certified standards required in a single garment, unlike most other safety wear.

The collection was designed in close cooperation with some of the company's largest customers. Together, a review has been carried out of needs and functional requirements such as pockets, materials and fits, but also of what protection is required to ensure safer work. All garments in the Multinorm collection meet the EN visibility, flame resistance, welding, electric arc and static electricity standards. The winter garments are also certified against light chemicals, rain and cold.

The new protective clothing is just as comfortable and flexible to work in as the previous workwear.

– All garments meet the EN welding standard and protect skilled workers against injuries in connection with exposure to heat and flame.

– The garments also have built-in protection against electric arc (certified according to EN-61482-1-2) and provide lasting protection to electricians and other skilled workers exposed to intense heat.

– Antistatic materials for reducing the build-up and risk of discharge of static electricity.

– Certified for good visibility and designed with reflectors that are visible from all directions.

Manufactured by Blåkläder of Sweden, the garments will be available in stock in January 2013.